Can I use Alia to give a bonus?


There are two options to give a bonus: you can simply update your plan to a higher contribution amount (and then change it back), or you can email us to help if it's amount not offered with our plans.

To provide a bonus using the website:

  1. Log in to your Alia account.
  2. Go to Plan + Payment and cancel your existing plan.
  3. Create a new plan for the cleaner you would like to give a bonus to, and select the amount you'd like the bonus to be for.
  4. Once the bonus has been paid, you can change back to your regular plan amount.

To provide a bonus of an amount not offered in one of our plans just let us know at and we'll process it for you.

We'll definitely add a bonus feature so that it's easier for you to provide a one-time bonus in the future (it's a popular request!)