Can't I just leave an extra $5 cash each cleaning?

There are advantages to contributing to benefits through Alia rather than leaving extra cash.

Contributing through Alia is easier. A house cleaner has access to contributions from all of her clients in one place through Alia; she doesn't have to worry about collecting and tracking contributions from each client, we handle that for her. And you don't need to remember to leave extra cash, you can just set up your Alia contribution and forget about it.

Alia provides insurance access. Most house cleaners don't have access to insurance products, but Alia makes it easy to access insurance in one place, and we send the premium payments on her behalf.

Alia provides support. We work with each new house cleaner to discuss their benefits goals and help them achieve them, whether it's a target number of days PTO each year, or whether there are certain insurance products they need. Also, we offer support where communicating with clients in English presents a challenge, by contacting clients on behalf the house cleaner and explaining how Alia Benefits work.

Alia doesn't accept cash. Cleaners cannot make cash contributions to their Alia account, so your $5 in cash can't contribute to their insurance premiums.