I invited a cleaner but they haven't signed up. What should I do?

We can help.

First, have a conversation with the person who cleans your home. There are two things that might be helpful for her to know:

  1. Make sure she understands that you want to make sure they have benefits in addition to your agreed fee for the cleaning service. Sometimes cleaners assume Alia Benefits will be in exchange for a lower payment, so it's important to reassure her that your contribution will be in addition to your agreed rate for her service.
  2. Explain to her that to join, she only needs to provide a name and phone number, and to receive Paid Time Off she will only need to provide a mailing address. She will be asked for an email address when she joins, but if she doesn't have an email address she can still join Alia.

Secondly, if you haven't invited her by sending a text using our system, please do that by signing up for Alia and adding her as a cleaner to your Alia account. You will be prompted to enter her phone number, and then a text message will be sent inviting her to join Alia. If she doesn't respond to the invite our customer service team will follow up with her by phone to explain Alia to her.

Our support team is experienced with working with domestic workers, and we deeply understand the circumstances which can contribute to a domestic worker's hesitation in joining Alia. We provide support in Spanish and English, by phone, text and email.