Can I really make an impact with $5 each cleaning?


Most house cleaners have 5-10 clients they see each month. If each client's home is cleaned twice a month, a house cleaner can receive $50 - $100 in benefits contributions each month.

On average, contributions of $75/month can provide a house cleaner with access to one week of Paid Time Off each year in addition to one insurance product (life, accident, disability or critical illness insurance).

Contributing $5 each cleaning isn't much for you, but when combined with the other clients it provides real and meaningful access to benefits for house cleaners, who have not had access to benefits before.

Want to help further?

Share Alia with other clients of your house cleaner.

Many house cleaners receive referrals from existing clients, so it's possible you know some of their other clients. Tell them you have started contributing to the cleaner's benefits with Alia, so that she can have access to Paid Time Off and insurance benefits, and invite them to join you in making sure she has the benefits she deserves.

Your friends will appreciate the tip, and you'll know you're helping ensure the person who cleans your home is getting the combined contributions to access the benefits she needs.