The person who cleans my home works irregular hours. Can I still contribute to her benefits?


Alia contributions are set up as a monthly contribution. You have two options:

  1. Choose a monthly contribution amount that makes sense as an average over a few months. For example, if she usually cleans your home 3 times over the month, choose a contribution plan of $15/month. If the number of times your home is cleaned each month fluctuates, choose a contribution that makes sense as an overage over a few months.
  2. You can update your plan each month to make sure you are contributing according to how many times your home was cleaned that month. To update your contribution plan:
  • Login to Alia.
  • On the left, select Plans & Billing.
  • Click "Cancel" to the right of the current Contribution Plan.
  • Click "Add Plan" and create a new Contribution Plan for the amount you'd like your next contribution to be. (Remember, this is a recurring charge.)